Stone Salt Sea

This project aims to reflect the relationship between man and nature through the changes that man makes in the environment In order to satisfy his own needs. It also shows how nature, with the complicity of the passing of time, blurs these actions. Matters that are displayed in three different geographical locations: quarries in Menorca, salt pans in Malta and Barcelona port’s breakwater. Locations that form part of a common culture, three displays of the Meditteranean essence.

The work of man on the environment, with only a functional intention in mind, has created a new reality. A magical reality, a poetic landscape, places to let the imagination fly.


Stone / Menorca

You can find limestone quarries anywhere in the Mediterranean. In the photographs we can see the difference between manual extraction by “escoda” that creates organic forms and cutout stairsways, and the mechanical extraction by disk saw that creates linear forms.

The photos have mainly been taken in the S’Hostal, Santa Ponça and Sa Cetària quarries.


Salt / Malta

Salt extraction is a common activity throughout the Mediterranean shores and is part of life linked to the sea and fishing. Most salt pans are abandoned and with the great erosion they suffer they gradually integrate into the landscape.

The photographs have been taken on the islands of Gozo and Malta on different trips.


Sea / Barcelona

The Barcelona port breakwater was used for sport fishing. The fishermen adapted the area to their needs: amongst the chaotic sets of cement blocks we see steps, stairs and rails of the most diverse materials, numbered plaques …

Unfortunately, with the renovations made on the Port, these settlements have disappeared.