GB The Samy, a freighter, appeared one day in the port of Barcelona. For different reasons, it was abandoned for years until it was dismantled.

Its history was written on its skin, its fantasies, travels, the wounds of life. This is what I have tried to reflect with my photographs. Photographs that, due to a technical issue, have disappeared like Samy. The only remaining ones, in low resolution, are those projected at Slideluck Potshow Barcelona II on April 24, 2008. Only three original photos could be recovered from the damaged hard disk. Some videos have also been saved.

See the series

Video: 21st Century / Drifting

Vessel Tecnhnical data

Name: Samy
IMO: 7027241
Construction: 1969
Builder: Rousse Shipyard. Rousse, Bulgaria
Type of boat: General cargo
Gross record: 1,599 tonnes
Load: 2,260 tonnes
Disassembly: Francisco Alberich, S. A. (2008)

Previous Names:
– Ira (until 2007 April 30)
– Gull (until January 2006)
– Ira (until January 2005)
– Vika (until September 2002)
– Vind II (until November 2000)
– Trojan (until 1997)


La Vanguardia article dated 24-06-2007